About this event

7 March 2012

Annapolis, MD

"Obstacles to Adapting to Climate Change -

a Discussion with Practitioners"

In an ongoing effort to better understand the challenges associated with adapting to climate change in Maryland, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is hosting a workshop investigating how the public’s view of climate change can influence the ability for local governments to adapt to climate change.  This workshop is part of a larger international project coordinated by the Ecologic Institute in Berlin, Germany and the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.  

The primary objective of this workshop is for all participants to gain a better understanding of how differences in climate change perceptions and the feasibility of adaptation scenarios in the United States and in Baltic Sea States (especially Germany) have been culturally and historically developed.  Furthermore, we want to explore how these perceptions of climate change and potential adaptation scenarios impact the ability to implement climate policies, such as planning for sea level rise and land use planning.  

Throughout the day, participants will also learn about the resources and cutting edge research that are available to help implement climate change adaptation planning at the local and state level.  By bringing together various groups of stakeholders, including multiple levels of government, academia, and other interested parties; we hope that connections will be made, not only professionally, but personally, allowing for increased collaboration on climate change planning.